InterBase 7.0 Trial Technical Specifications

By: Brad Asmus

Abstract: Capabilites of the InterBase 7.0 Trial version.

The Trial Version of InterBase 7.0 is meant to give users a chance to see for themselves just how easy it is to develop and deploy complex business applications with a database that is both highly functional and extremely economical.

New users should take note of InterBases small RAM and disk space footprints, easy installation, nearly zero maintenance, automatic crash recovery, online backup, exceptional reliability and integration with Borlands Delphi, Kylix, and C++Builder.

Current users will want to evaluate the performance gains resulting from support for SMP, a new Type 4 JDBC driver as well as the new Database/Connection monitoring feature.

Trial version features:

  • All of the functionality of InterBase 7 is provided.
  • The server can address up to 5 CPUs (the default CPU, and 4 additional Symmetric Multi Processors are supported)
  • 20 users and 80 logical connections to the server are available.
  • InterBase 7 Trial version is available for Windows, Linux and Solaris.
  • A limited documentation set (PDF documents) is included in the Trial version.

Limitations of the Trial version:

  • After 48 hours of operation the server must be restarted to establish new connections. A user who tries to make a new connection without restarting the server will get the error message "can not attach to password database."
  • The 7.0 Trial version licensing expires on 31-May-2003, on all platforms. After that date, the 7.0 Trial version will cease to function.

Product Informaion:

Purchase InterBase 7.

InterBase Licensing.

Download the InterBase 7.0 Trial version.

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