InterBase 7.0 Trial Available

By: Brad Asmus

Abstract: Download the InterBase 7.0 Trial Version.

A trial version of InterBase 7 is now available for download.
InterBase 7 Trial Technical Specifications.

Widely deployed for complex business applications serving networked users in the financial, medical and transportation industries, InterBase 7 is designed to significantly reduce the time required to develop, deploy, and maintain applications across multiple platforms. Serving the needs of Fortune 500 enterprises, InterBase is used by close to one million users across the globe as a highly reliable deployment database.

Unlike most databases, InterBase requires little to no database administration, is relatively quick to install and is designed to lower maintenance costs, reaffirming Borland's strategy to accelerate software development and provide rapid return on investment for enterprises with complex distributed application needs.

Suitable for a wide-range of embedded applications, InterBase 7 supports business critical software deployment with speed and multi-user performance. New features include:

  • Multiprocessor support, which enhances speed and power
  • Connection monitoring, which improves developer productivity by easing the monitoring and control of connections, transactions and queries
  • Type 4 JDBC driver, which eases deployment for application administrators

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