Improving JDataStore performance.

By: Ben Matterson

Abstract: Ways to improve the performance of applications that use JDataStore applications.

How can I improve performance of my application that uses JDataStore?

  • Perform commits only when needed. This operation forces the logfile entries up to the commit point to disk;
  • Use the saveMode property of the DataStore component to control how often cache blocks are written to disk. This property applies only to non-transactional DataStores;
  • Setting the DataStore.tempDirName property, used by the query engine, to a directory on another (fast) disk drive may help;
  • Try setting the TxManager.checkFrequency higher. Higher values will result in slower recovery;
  • Set the autoCommit property to true;
  • For transactions that are reading but not writing, significant performance improvements can be realized by using a read-only transaction. The DataStoreConnection's readOnlyTx property controls whether a transaction is read-only. This property must be set to true before the connection is open;
  • Make use of setSaveInterval(long interval) to control the checkpoint frequency.

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