SAMS' C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide is now shipping

By: Bob Swart

Abstract: SAMS' C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide, the second and revised edition from the bestselling C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide is now shipping.

For those of you who followed the progress: the next edition of SAMS' C++Builder Developer's Guide is now available!
The book was on its way to the printers on December 12th, and now SAMS' C++Builder 6 Developer's Guide is available and "usually shipping in 24 hours". See for the updated table-of-contents, a free sample chapter, and links to purchase (with discounts)

Apart from over 1000 printed pages (23 chapters and 4 appendices), the book contains the previous edition as PDF file on CD-ROM, as well as a C++Builder 6 Enterprise trial edition (for those of you who don't have the trial edition and want to play along with the enterprise chapters as well).

For those of you who already have the previous edition, the new one will be even better with updated material and lots of new C++Builder 6 specific topics.

A quote from the foreword of the book:
"Welcome to the second edition in the C++Builder Developers Guide series. Our goal for this book was to put forth the most informative and practical reference on C++Builder to date. Building on the success of C++Builder 5 Developers Guide, we have concentrated on the essential elements and capabilities of C++Builder, including the very latest features provided by C++Builder 6.
Topics in this edition include fresh material on XML, SOAP, the Windows API, COM, DLLs, VCL, CLX component development, database development, plus much more including a look at mobile application development. Weve gone to great lengths to provide practical examples and discussions to common issues, and explore topics not previously covered."

My own previous MIDAS chapter was updated with new material into two new DataSnap chapters, and I wrote four completely new chapters on dbExpress, BizSnap: XML Document Programming, BizSnap: SOAP and Web Services, and Web Server Development with WebSnap. All C++Builder 6 new features...

See for more information.

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