Why did JBuilder become unregistered after joining a new network domain?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Resolving registration issues after joining a new Windows network domain


JBuilder was successfully registered, but somehow after joining a new network domain, Jbuilder is either:

  • asking to be registered again, or
  • throwing an "Unknown license file format" error.

Why did this happen, and how is this issue resolved?


When you join a new domain in Windows, a new user home directory is created for you (and all of your old user info may have been copied into the new profile). Even though you still log into the OS using the same user name, your user home directory may have changed "behind the scenes." For instance, if your user home directory was called "jsmith," your new home directory will be something like, "jsmith_MYNEWDOMAIN."

Thus, if JBuilder is asking to be registered again, merely proceed through the registration process again, using the same account info which you used when you registered the first time. If you are receiving the message, "Unknown license file format," then you must then navigate to your new user home (e.g. jsmith_MYNEWDOMAIN), and then delete the borland.lic file located in the .borland directory, and then you will be able to reregister.

On Windows NT, this will be:

c:WinNTProfiles<user name_DOMAIN>.borlandborland.lic

On Windows 2000/XP, this will be:

c:Documents and Settings<user name_DOMAIN>.borlandborland.lic

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