Kylix 3 C++ IDE hangs at the splash screen under Mandrake 9.0

By: Yu-Chen Hsueh

Abstract: What to do if the C++ IDE of Kylix 3 does not load properly under Mandrake 9.0.


I have installed Kylix 3 under Mandrake 9.0. The Delphi IDE works fine, but the C++ IDE does not load past the splash screen. How can I get around this problem?

Kylix 3 is not officially supported under Mandrake 9.0, and at this point, it is unclear what the precise cause of this problem is. However, it does seem to be specific to Mandrake 9.0, and appears related to the SOAP and dbExpress packages. One workaround is to remove the references to those packages, as follows.

Navigate to the .borland directory, which can be found in the home directory of the user under which Kylix 3 was installed. If you installed as root, this will be /root/.borland. If you installed as an user, this will be /home/username/.borland.

Inside the .borland directory, open up the bcb69rc file in a text editor.

Scroll to the [Known Packages] section and look for references to the SOAP and dbExpress packages. These should be called and, respectively.

Remove the two aforementioned package references and save the changes to bcb69rc.

After having done the above, the C++ IDE should work. Of course, the SOAP and dbExpress packages will be unavailable. If you require them, then they can be manually added by selecting Component | Install Packages... However, be sure to uninstall them again before exiting the C++ IDE, otherwise, the problem will reoccur the next time you attempt to start it.

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