InterBase 7 JDBC Type 4 Driver Install FAQ

By: Aaron Ruddick

Abstract: How to install and/or migrate to InterClient 3.0

  1. InterBase 7 (IB7) provides two JDBC drivers to choose from:
    1. InterClient 3.0 (IC3.0) - This is a pure Java type 4 JDBC driver that allows your database applications to connect directly to the database server with no middle tier (InterServer). This is the most popular type of JDBC driver for RDBMS vendors and is now the recommended form of Java connectivity for InterBase.
    2. InterClient 2.5 (IC2.5) - This is a thin client JDBC driver that uses a middle tier to connect to InterBase. This was a good system for applicationssuch as PDA applications--that required a super thin client, but is no longer the best choice for InterBase 7. IC2.5 is provided with IB7 as a courtesy for migrating customers, but does not surface new IB7 features and is no longer being developed for future releases.
  2. Steps for migration from InterClient 2.5 to InterClient 3.0:
    1. Uninstall InterClient 2.5.
    2. Rename or remove your old interclient.jar file.
    3. Install InterClient 3.0. You can do this by using the install program on your InterBase CD or by just copying the new interclient.jar file to the client machine.
    4. Ensure that the interclient.jar file is on your java CLASSPATH.

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