E2257 in QRvDefine.hpp when compiling TRvProject

By: Yu-Chen Hsueh

Abstract: How to compile TRvProject without running into E2257 in QRvDefine.hpp.


I am using the C++ IDE of Kylix 3 and the bundled Rave Reports 4.5 Community Edition. When I try to compile a TRvProject component, I get the following error:

[C++ Error] QRvDefine.hpp(147): E2257 , expected

The line 147 referenced in QRvDefine.hpp reads:

typedef TRaveUnits TRaveUnits;

How can this be resolved?

Line 147 in QRvDefine.hpp is incorrect. This issue can be resolved by correcting it to:

typedef double TRaveUnits;

Be sure to save the changes to QRvDefine.hpp, and then try compiling again.

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