Kylix 3 gets 5 stars from LinuxPlanet

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: Two Kylix 3 reviews

"Now, however, Kylix answers the needs of most Linux programmers by fully supporting C++ with the same development environment. The result is a RAD that should quickly become Linux's most popular integrated development environment (IDE)."

Kylix 3: Borland's Linux Delphi and C++ RAD is a Winner

"In short, Kylix 3 has allowed me to develop this simple C++ GUI app for X in just a few days. Given how little C++ and X development experience I have, and the fact that I've never worked with pipes except from the command line, that's pretty good time. Kylix has demonstrated to me it deserves its RAD label."

Taking Kylix 3 for a test drive

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