Kylix 3 freezes when opening or saving a file.


Why is Kylix 3 freezing when I try to open or save a file?


The exact cause of this problem has not yet been determined. You should be able to get out of it by using kill -2 to shut down Kylix.

There is a problem which seems to exist only with the Professional edition of Kylix 3 on Redhat 7.3. It may also occur on RH 7.2 if you have upgraded your kernel.

Please note that this error does not occur on any of the Linux versions and distributions Kylix 3 has been certified for (listed on the Borland web site or on If you are experiencing this issue the solution is to move to a supported Linux distribution and version - i.e. Redhat 7.2.

Possible workarounds: One workaround that is reported to work instead is to download the latest kernel source (2.4.19) from and build it.

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