What is the new "automatic method grouping" feature in OptimizeIt 4.2?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Using the automatic method grouping feature.


What is the new "automatic method grouping" feature now in OptimizeIt 4.2?


This feature groups all references to a package into a single stack entry in the trees (CPU Profiler, Allocation Backtrace, and Reference graphs)

This would be useful if you have an application that uses a lot of java.awt.* classes, but wish to focus mostly on the classes that you created.

To use "automatic method grouping," in the filters tab, you would select the group method "AWT CLASSES" which will group all "java.awt.* classes together. Thus, when you profile your application and switch to the Allocation Backtrace, CPU Profiler, or Reference Graph views, you will see a stack entry for AWT CLASSES in the tree node instead separate nodes for each java.awt pacakge.

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