Delphi Generates "Can't Create Delphi32.$$$" Errors when Launching.

By: Justin Swett

When Delphi starts it reports errors about creating a ..\Delphi6\bin\Delphi32.$$$ file. Also, once Delphi is finished loading, it appears to be missing various items from the IDE.

This may be a problem with the current user not having appropriate security rights. Even if the user is part of the Administrators group it is still possible that the security attributes set on \Delphi6\bin directory don't allow your user to modify the directory.

To Resolve this issue you can change the security settings for Delphi's Bin directory. To do this:
  • Open Explorer and Browse to ..\Delphi6\Bin directory
  • Right Click on the Bin directory | Properties
  • Click on Security Tab
  • Select your user and Allow Full Control to Permissions
If this resolves the issue, then you should examine all the directories that were created during Delphi's installation to verify these directories have Full Control set.

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