SQL Explorer Form isn't Displaying Controls Properly

By: Justin Swett

Occasionally the splitter bar saves a position value when SQL Explorer exits that can't be overwritten in later runs of SQL Explorer. An example of this is sometimes experienced with the Enter SQL Tab. Once the results of a SQL statement are displayed a user could choose to make the result grid larger and totally hide the "Enter SQL" part. Every now and then the splitter won't move and appears to be stuck.

The settings for SQL Explorer are stored in the registry and will be updated when SQL Explorer is closed, so the first step is to close all instances of SQL Explorer. If Delphi is running be sure to close it as well. Next you should start Regedit and browse to the following location in the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland\Database Explorer\ 2.0\DbXForm

Here are all of the settings for SQL Explorer. For the above scenario you sill see a value for Dbx.QuerySplit of 0. Changing this to any positive value should resolve the issue. If you start SQL Explorer through Delphi then the value may be stored somewhere else in the registry. You will need to change this value as well if you are still experiencing the issue.

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