VCL errors resulting when trying to compile/make/run command-line application

By: Luke Dickman

Abstract: getting rid of VCL errors when trying to run a non-VCL command-line application


I'm trying compile and run my command-line application with Borland C++ Builder, but I'm getting some VCL errors. Is there a way to get rid of these errors?


Yes. Make sure you save your source code to a file, then do a "File...Close All" from within C++Builder. Then, from the project creation wizard, select "console app". When the Console App wizard appears, make sure that the "use VCL" checkbox is UN-CHECKED. Then create the project. At that point you can either copy...paste your source code into a new .c/.cpp file in the project, or simply add your already existing source file to the project, and you should no longer get the "VCL..." error(s).

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