Borland demonstrates .NET technology

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: DevRel shows Delphi for .NET preview at VS Live in New York

At the Visual Studio Developer Conference (VS Live) in New York City this week we demoed our upcoming support for Microsoft.NET.

Mike Bartzel (Business Development), John and myself.

We demoed how Delphi for .NET will be able to create ASP pages very easily. We showed Delphi for .NET producing fully managed applications. People's jaws dropped when we dared to run peverify and other .NET utilities on the app to prove that it's really fully managed code. Of course we also showed how easy it will be to create .NET Web Services using Delphi for .NET.

John's demoing our cool stuff. We had some Microsoft guys glued to our booth for about half an hour, pumping us for as much information as we would give them...

We will cover these and many other exciting topics in great detail over the coming weeks.

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