When I attempt to launch JBuilder 6, I receive the following error: Unknown license file format. How is this resolved ?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Resolving "Unknown license file format" error when starting JBuilder.


When I attempt to launch JBuilder 6, I receive an error message:

Unknown license file format

I cannot launch the product, nor can I reregister.

How is this problem resolved?



Your license file has been corrupted and must be deleted in order for you to reregister. To do so, find and delete the .borland directory, located in your user home directory. Once this file is deleted, relaunch Jbuilder, and complete the Registration Wizard when it appears:

Windows NT:

C:/WinNT/Profiles/<user name>


Windows 2000/XP:

C:/Documents and Settings/<user name>



/home/<user name>


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