Configuring NSAPI servers to handle ISAPI DLL requests

By: Vincent Drake

Abstract: ISAPI DLLs are not automatically usable in NSAPI servers such as IPlanet and Netscape server. The following configuration changes must be made.

For ISAPI DLLs to work with an NSAPI server such as Netscape server and IPlanet, a MIME type must be assigned to the ISAPIs. Borland provides an ISAPI adapter DLL named ISAPITER.DLL located in your C++Builder or Delphi directory under \bin\NetscpXX(where X is the server version). The server must be set to use this DLL to handle requests for ISAPI DLLs. The following steps accomplises this task:

  1. Copy ISAPITER.DLL from the Delphi or C++Builder bin\netscpXX directory to C:\Netscape\Server\Nsapi\Examples (actual directories may vary based on server versions and installation locations).

  2. In the server's OBJ.CONF file, find this line:
    fn=load-types mime-types=mime.types
    and insert the following line after it:
    Init funcs="handle-isapi,check-isapi,log-isapi" fn="load-modules"
  3. In OBJ.CONF, find the section:
    <Object name=default>
    Within this section, find the line reading:
    NameTrans fn=document-root root="C:/Netscape/Server/docs"
    and insert this line directly above it:
    NameTrans from="/scripts" fn="pfx2dir" dir="C:/Netscape/Server/docs/scripts"
  4. At the end of OBJ.CONF insert:
    <Object name="isapi">
      PathCheck fn="check-isapi"
      ObjectType fn="force-type" type="magnus-internal/isapi"
      Service fn="handle-isapi"
  5. Append the folling line to the end of the server's MIME.TYPES file:
    type=magnus-internal/isapi exts=dll

Server Response from: ETNASC04