Using the ExpressWeb Framework with WebSnap

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Developer Express has published a tutorial on using the ExpressWeb Framework with WebSnap. It is available on their web site.

Developer Express has a tutorial showing how the ExpressWeb Framework product from Developer Express supports WebSnap Adapters. Highlights include:

  • full integration with WebSnap dispatching mechanisms
  • visual display and drag/drop facilities for WebSnap Adapters
  • powerful range of web controls and html elements available
  • html designer (including html tags displayed/modifiable via Object Inspector)
  • three way synchronization of dfm/pas/html files
  • simple one key invocation of WebApp Debugger (also works for WebSnap without EWF pages)
  • client side and server side events
  • styles support via TcxWebStyleController (non-visual component which maintains a styles collection)

You can read this paper at

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