Kylix 2 BizSnap Chapter (part One of Six)

By: Bob Swart

Abstract: Bob Swart has written an additional Kylix 2 BizSnap chapter for the Kylix Developer's Guide (published by SAMS). This new chapter will be published in six weekly sections, starting with XML Document Programming.

I have been working on an BizSnap chapter for the Kylix Developer's Guide - adding more coverage of Kylix 2 to this book. As of this week, the Kylix 2 BizSnap chapter will be published in six weekly parts, covering XML Document Programming and Web Services support.

BizSnap is the name given by Borland to describe the feature set of Kylix that covers XML document programming as well as Web Services (using SOAP). In this Kylix 2 BizSnap chapter, we will first cover XML document programming using the TXMLDocument component. This will be enhanced using XML Data Binding and even further using the XML Mapping Tool.
We then move on to Web Services, and after a short introduction to SOAP, we'll implement our first Web Service in Kylix 2, followed by the usage (consuming) of Web Services written in Kylix or other development environments. Finally, we show the powerful combination of BizSnap with DataSnap to produce distributed applications (even cross-platform, considering that Delphi 6 also supports this on Windows).

Half of this chapter will cover XML document programming. The place to start this coverage (this section) is with the TXMLDocument component, which can be found on the Internet tab of the Kylix 2 Component Palette. But before you can actually start to use this component, you first need an XML document to work with. While writing this Kylix 2 specific chapter for the Kylix Developer's Guide, I decided to write my own XML document, which reflects the structure of this chapter (so it also helped me to focus on the topics to write about). The XML document that will be used throughout the entire chapter is stored in BizSnap.xml and is defined as follows:

  <?xml version="1.0" standalone='yes' ?>
  <Chapter Title="BizSnap">
   <Section Title="XML Document Programming">
   <Section Title="XML Data Binding">
    <Wizards>XML Data Binding Wizard</Wizards>
   <Section Title="XML Mapping Tool">
    <Components>TXMLDocument, TXMLTransform, TXMLTransformProvider, TXMLTransformClient</Components>
    <Wizards>XML Mapper</Wizards>
   <Section Title="Web Service (Server)">
    <Components>THTTPSoapDispatcher, THTTPSoapPascalInvoker, TWSDLHTMLPublish</Components>
    <Wizards>Soap Server Application Wizard</Wizards>
   <Section Title="Consuming Web Services">
    <Wizards>Web Services Importer</Wizards>
   <Section Title="Web Services and DataSnap">
    <Wizards>Soap Server Data Module</Wizards>
As you can see, the chapter is divided into six sections, and each section covers certain components as well as wizards, all found in Kylix 2 Enterprise.
As a consequence, the table of contents for this chapter is as follows:
  1. XML Document Programming
  2. XML Data Binding
  3. XML Mapping Tool
  4. Web Service (Server)
  5. Consuming Web Services
  6. Web Services and DataSnap
Each week a new section will be added at so come back often

Groetjes, Bob Swart (aka Dr.Bob -

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