New .NET RAD sessions at BorCon 2002!

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Borland staff, including Chuck Jazdzewski and Danny Thorpe will be providing previews of the future of RAD development at BorCon 2002

Several very exciting new sessions have been added to the schedule for this year's BorCon 2002 May 18 - 22 in Anaheim, California. These are RAD track (Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix) sessions. See you in Anaheim!

Speaker: Chuck Jazdzewski

Moving Delphi

In this session, Chuck Jazdzewski, chief scientist for Delphi, will discuss design decisions experienced by Borland engineers when moving Delphi to new platforms and technologies.

Speaker: Danny Thorpe

Delphi Language Preview for .Net

This session will outline Delphi language enhancements currently in development to fully embrace the .Net Common Language Runtime (CLR). Most language enhancements made for Delphi.Net will appear in all Delphi product versions, including Win32 and Linux. This session will also discuss migration paths and source code compatibility between Delphi.Net and existing VCL and CLX applications.

Future Delphi Compiler Preview

This session will outline Delphi language enhancements resulting from Delphi.Net work as well as specific improvements to Delphi Intel x86 native code generation for Win32 and Linux platforms.

.NET for Delphi

This is a preconference tutorial. Are you wondering what .Net really is and what it means to you as a Delphi developer? Come to this preconference tutorial to learn about the .Net Virtual Execution System (VES), Common Language Runtime (CLR), Common Intermediate Language (CIL), and a host of other TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms). We'll discuss how the .Net architecture differs from the Java VM. We'll marvel at the similarities between the .Net application architecture and Delphi's VCL, and explore how their common heritage presents unique opportunities to Delphi developers moving into the .Net space.

Speakers: Thomas Theobald and Alison Deane

RAD Strategies in 2002

2001 has been very bright for Borland Delphi, Kylix, and C++Builder. Don't miss this opportunity to take a glimpse at what lies ahead for 2002. Web Services, wireless, and cross-platform technologies are emerging areas that have taken the development market by storm. This must-see session will explore the very bright future for the Borland RAD solutions.

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