Problems with IBExpress when installing the Delphi 6 Update Pack 2

By: Angel Martinez

Abstract: explains how to resolve version conflicts with IBExpress dll's


After installing the Delphi 6 Update Pack 2, when starting up Delphi the following error is displayed: The procedure entry point @Ibxmlheader@initialization$qqrv could not be located in the dynamic link library ibxpress60.bpl


IBX update 6.03 for Delphi 6 must be installed after installing Update Pack 2 for Delphi 6. This can be obtained at:

Once at the codecentral website, click on Find and do a search by ID number. The ID number to enter is 17555

The following description explains how to resolve the problem after downloading the updated IBX:

If you apply update pack 2 to D6, the ibx 6.03 update should be run afterwards. If you have ibx 6.02 installed and install the update pack 2 for D6, you will get a function not found when loading D6 the next time. 6.03 will solve this. Alternatively you can delete the ibxpress60.bpl from the directory and reinstall 6.02. The update pack 2 does not have the 6.5 XMLHeader code in its bpl, but does not update dclib60.bpl which as of IBX 6.02 will look for these functions.

IBX 6.02's version is less than D6's update pack 2 so the installer will not just overwrite which is why you need to remove the update pack 2 version. IBX 6.03 does have a higher version number so will over write just fine.

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