Web Services Training - Free trial!

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: You may not know this, but Borland has an *awesome* Web Services training CD for sale. And a free teaser for it.

Borland's e-Learning Series has a lot to offer. The latest addition is awesome. I've enjoyed it myself (and learned quite a few things). It's the Web Services training CD which is for sale on our shop site (click on Buy Now). There's also a free teaser which containts two free lessons, a concept, and the entire outline (click on Download Free Lessons).

Tutorial Outline for RADical Web Services for e-Business

Overview of Web Services
  • Web Services Philosophy
  • Competing Technologies
  • Benefits of Web Services
  • Web Services Design Considerations
  • Strategies for Architecting a B2B Web Service

Marshaling RPC with SOAP
  • Introduction to XML
  • Introduction to SOAP and the W3C Specification
  • Remote Procedure Calls using SOAP
  • Creating a Simple SOAP Server
  • Creating a Simple SOAP Client

Describing Web Services with WSDL
  • Introduction to WSDL
  • Complex Data Types with WSDL
  • Publishing WSDL with Delphi
  • WSDL Administration with Delphi

Locating Web Services with UDDI
  • Overview of UDDI
  • UDDI Browsing and Publishing

Implementing Web Services with Delphi's BizSnap
  • Creating a Client to an External Web Service
  • Creating a Web Service with Delphi
  • Creating a Client with the Delphi Framework

Advanced Web Services for B2B Applications
  • Adding DataSnap Functionality to Web Services
  • Creating a Web Service using Complex Types
  • Creating a B2B Web Service
  • Creating a B2B Client
  • Transformation Layers between Businesses
  • Interoperability with a .NET Client

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