Travel report from LinuxWorld 2002

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: DevRel went to NYC to celebrate the one year anniversary of Kylix!

LinuxWorld 2002 in New York City was a great show for Borland. We had three speakers at the show - John Thomas (Product Manager) discussed RAD on Linux using C++, he also gave a sneak preview of our upcoming C++ RAD tool for Linux (apply at if you have tons of Linux and C++ experience). Shawn McKenzie talked about documentation projects, and Michael Swindell presented Kylix 2 to a panel called State-of-the-Art Development Tools for Embedded Linux Developers.

Kylix 2 won the best prize at the show - Best Developer Tool! Of course, Developer Relations managed to get a picture with the award. Awesome award to get on Kylix' one year birthday!

I did two presentations of Kylix 2 and WebServices to a full house (over 100 people) in HP's booth - one on Wednesday and one on Friday. I gave away CDs to all that attended.

Speaking of CDs. We had tons of them. I forget how many thousands of CDs we gave away. It was JBuilder 6 Trial CDs, Kylix 2 Trial CDs, Kylix 2 Open Edition CDs. There seemed to be no end to the number of CDs we could give away. I was constantly calling from the Intel booth to get more from our main big booth and they never stopped coming. And when John was manning the Intel booth I had to run CDs and food to him all the time... ;-)

Oh, now you're asking about the Intel booth. No, that wasn't a typo. We had a demo pod in Intel's booth - premium real estate too - the closest end of their booth to the entrance aisle.

What about pictures? Yes, I managed to take a few when I wasn't busy doing other stuff. The camera is new, and I haven't managed to figure all the controls out. Poor excuse I know, but I did fiddle with the gamma level on a few of them to make them look better. Here you go:

The nominations!

The award!

The PR guy on the phone...

Another booth shot

Great partner placement in Intel's booth

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