Delphi , Kylix, Interbase & Borland wallpapers

By: CodeGear

Abstract: Delphi , Kylix, Interbase & Borland wallpapers

Delphi, Kylix ,Interbase & Borland Wallpapers

    Windows 95 has its own wall paper , as well as windows 98 and many other MS applications, so I thought it would be nice to have some Delphi , Kylix , Interbase and Borland wallpapers too. A couple of weeks ago  I started toying with some 3D drawing tools and finally came up with five wallpapers . I hope you like them !!

The creation process

    Making the wallpapers was no rocket science. The Delphi temple and the titles were created in 3D Studio Max and exported as a dxf file., the mountains , water and sky as well as the Interbase logo were created using Bryce 4 . The texts were created either in Powerpoint or 3D Studio Max.

General info

    The wallpapers have a 1024 x 768 . Click the link to download the zip file containing all the wallpapers.


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