Survey Provides New Insights Into 'Hacker' Culture

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: Boston Consulting Group Study Highlights Factors Contributing to Success of Open Source Software. Findings May Lead to Improved Overall Business Effectiveness.

Survey Provides New Insights Into 'Hacker' Culture

I found the following article on the (taken from the PR NewsWire). A survey by the Boston Consulting Group probed the motivation and models used by the Open Source Software community.

"A recently completed survey of the Open Source Software (OSS) community provides insight into employee motivation and the development of resource models, according tithe Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The survey conducted online interviews with 526 OSS community members who are registered users of, the world's largest Open Source development Web site. The study was released today in a presentation at the Linux World meeting in New York City."

The complete press release can be found at

The survey can be found at

Release 0.3 of the survey analysis is available in a pdf file.

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