Public Beta: Kylix 1 MySQL dbExpress driver update

By: John Kaster

Abstract: You can now download a public beta test version of the MySQL dbExpress driver that supports MySQL 3.23

Public Beta: Kylix 1 dbExpress driver update for MySQL 3.23

Downloading the update

You can download the update from CodeCentral. You will have to agree to Borland's public beta testing disclaimer in order to download the file. You will need a community cookie set so CodeCentral can record your agreement to the disclaimer. If you attempt to download the file at a later date after you have already downloaded it once, you will be asked to agree to the disclaimer again. This also means that this file cannot be auto-resumed with a download manager.

If you do not already have a community cookie or community account, you can simply click on the download link and you will be automatically redirected to the community login page. Once you have created your account and/or logged in successfully, you will be redirected back to the download page.

The zip file containing the update is 49K. You can download it right now from .


To install this driver:

  • Copy to the ./kylix/bin/ directory.
  • Create a symbolic link to the new driver file with the following command: ln -s
  • Update the dbxdrivers configuration file, making the following change to the MySQL section:
  • Ensure your client library is updated to match the server version

Please note that in order for your updated connection settings in existing projects to be used you must ensure that the LoadParamsOnConnect property of your TSQLConnection components is set to True.

Features and Functionality

This dbExpress driver supports MySQL version 3.23.37-39 and above.

Ensure that both client and server use the same version of MySQL.

Other Release Notes

This is a beta driver. Please report any issues using the Borland community comments feature for this article, or on the borland.public.kylix.database.dbexpress newsgroup.

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