The Buttons are missing or grayed out in Database Desktop.

By: Angel Martinez

Abstract: Explains how to resolve missing or grayed out buttons using Database Desktop and Windows 2000.


Database desktop is not loading correctly, all the buttons are missing.


This problem is due to a compatibility issue with Windows 2000 and Paradox.

In Order to resolve this issue you must use the "Application Compatibility Tool". It is located in the resource kit on the Windows 2000 CD. You can also download the Application Compatibility Tool directly from Microsoft's website:
Once the resource kit is installed then select

         Windows 2000 Support Tools
                    Application Compatibility Tool 

Where it says "Start the following program" browse  to the location of the executable for DataBase Desktop and select it (dbd32.exe) or you can simply type in the full path and file name.

For Operating System select "Windows NT4 SP5".

Select "Make the above check box settings permanent".

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