Useful Kylix Web sites

By: Matthias Thoma

Abstract: This article presents a survey of some of the most interesting Kylix-related Web sites. By Matthias Thoma.

Kylix is still a very young system and only a few Kylix-related Web sites have appeared. Here are the ones I have found useful with a short description of what they offer. I have not included standard component repositories like Torry or DSP. Let's hope that we'll see some more good Kylix Web pages soon.

Project JEDI

  1. FAQ
  2. Tips and samples
  3. Screenshots
  4. Header translations

Dr. Bob's Kylix Kicks



The HADP Kylix Page

Earl F. Glynn's Kylix Notes

Kylix: The Professional Developer's Guide and Reference

Ray Lischner's Kylix Information page

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