Can you use the Naming Service with the version of VisiBroker that comes with Delphi 5 Enterprise?

By: Angel Martinez

Abstract: Explains what features can be used with Visibroker version that ships with Delphi 5 Enterprise.


I am interested in using the Naming Service with Visibroker and was wondering if this feature is supported with VisiBroker for Delphi 5 Enterprise?


The version of VisiBroker that ships with Delphi 5 Enterprise is VisiBroker 3.3 for C++. This means you have all the capabilities that are offered with VisiBroker 3.3, one of them being the Naming Service. For a complete listing of all the features and instructions on how to use them, please consult the VisiBroker for C++ 3.3 documentation found at:

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