Delphi 6 Screen Shots: The Component Palette

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: Screen shots of the Delphi 6 component palette

Without further ado, we dive straight into the component palette of Delphi 6.

On the Additional tab you'll notice some new stuff, such as TValueListEditor, TLabeledEdit, TColorBox, TActionManager, TActionMainMenuBar, TActionToolBar, and TCustomizeDlg.

ADO is in Pro this time. Don't believe anybody who says it isn't... ;-)

BDE gets its own tab...

Look at all those XML transformation tools... TXMLTransform, TXMLTransformProvider, and TXMLTransformClient.


dbExpress as previously seen in Kylix!

InterBase of course:

Do I see another XML thingy? TXMLDocument this time:

Web Services! You already know that Delphi 6 is the first RAD tool to support Web Services, don't you? How cool does SOAP, DOM and WSDL and sound?

WebSnap! Man, Jim Tierney made way too many cool components for me to mention... ;-)

OK, I'll give it a shot... TAdapter, TPagedAdapter, TDataSetAdapter, TLoginFormAdapter, TStringsValuesList, TDataSetValuesList, TWebAppComponents, TApplicationAdapter, TEndUserAdapter, TEndUserSessionAdapter, TPageDispatcher, TAdapterDispatcher, TLocateFileService, TSessionsService, TWebUserList, TXSLPageProducer, and TAdapterPageProducer.

Indy's three tabs as previously seen in Kylix.

Stay tuned for more...

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