Unknown WIN32 error 10061

By: Quinn Wildman

Abstract: Various solutions for error "Unknown WIN32 error 10061"

The error "Unknown WIN32 error 10061" can occur when connecting to any InterBase database from a Windows Client using TCP/IP. The error can occur with any client including InterClient. Below are a variety of potental solutions to the problem:
  • Make sure TCP/IP is installed and running on the server. For example, if the server is running on Novell, make sure the TCPIP NLM has been loaded. If the server is VMS, get to a ucx prompt and type "SHOW SERVICES". Check that gds_db is there. It may list it but show that it is disabled, if so type ENABLE SERV GDS_DB.
  • You need an entry in the machines services file: gds_db 3050/tcp
  • If you are running a classic version of InterBase, you need an entry in the etc/inetd.conf file (or equivalent) that allows a gds_inet_server to be launched.
  • You need permissions for remote hosts to be able to make a tcp connection.
  • Make sure you have appropriate licensing
  • Make sure you can ping the server machine. If you cannot the server, place the machine in your hosts file or if using DNS contact your network administrator.
  • Make the machine name and path to the database in your connect string are correct on the client.
  • If you had a previous version of InterBase installed on the server, uninstall it, then reinstall your current version of InterBase.

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