Matrox G400 and JBuilder 4

By: Aaron Ruddick

Abstract: Painting problems with Matrox G400 cards.

Question: I have a Matrox G400 video card and I can't get JBuilder 4 run without painting problems.


We have had several reports from customers about conflicts with Matrox G400 video cards and JBuilder 4. The solution so far has been to try an older driver. Version 5.04 has worked in all reported cases.

Examples of reported problems:

"When I run JBuilder 4, and view the Java Source of my project in the Browser Window the actual Text becomes jagged and unreadable. Also when using pull down menus there are highlights that are skewed over different menu items that come moving the mouse over a selected item. I tried setting the G400 for Single Display but the same conditions occur."

"The install went without reporting any problems. When running JBuilder 4 for the first time, the "JBuilder Licensing" program launches minimized in the task bar. I cannot maximize it or make it respond in any way."


In each case switching to the old driver 5.04 fixes the problems.


If you have a Matrox G400 with DualHead, one customer reported the following fix:

I'm running 5.04 Matrox drivers on a Matrox G400 with DualHead (2 monitors). With the drivers is a utility called Matrox QuickDesk (sometimes also called PowerDesk). It manages the multiple displays. QuickDesk has a settings panel called "Multi-display Controls".

Most programs work better if "use multi-display features" is turned off. The feature will center windows, make apps open on a specific monitor etc., which in many cases confuses applications.

To make JBuilder launch choose the following settings:

"Use multi-display features" selected

"use CenterPOPUP" selected and then select "In parent program display".

JBuilder then launches with no problems.

If you continue to have painting problems:

Go to our Community site search engine:

Search for "JBuilder 3.5 | 4 painting problems in Windows"

If problems continue please contact your Video Card vendor.


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