Why do I see the error "*** Unable to create browser socket at port 8,888" when I launch JBuilder?

By: Aaron Ruddick

Abstract: Description of why you might see a socket error when you run JBuilder.

Question: Why do I get this error:

*** Unable to create Browser socket at port 8,888

This happens when I run Jbuilder?

Answer: There are two typical reasons for this message:

  1. Another service is running on this port number (perhaps a test HTTP server).
  2. Or there is another instance of JBuilder already running.

This situation is fairly harmless as it only prevents the shell integration (double-clicking on Java source, classes, and JBuilder project files from the desktop) from functioning. Note that if there is more than one instance of JBuilder running you could run out of memory when trying to use JBuilder.

You may see this error on Linux and Solaris but there will be no ill side-effects.

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