What's new in InterClient 1.5?

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: New features of InterClient 1.5.

What's new in InterClient 1.5?

InterClient is a high-performance all-Java JDBC driver for the InterBase
Server.  It is a Class 3 networked driver, incorporating a
database-independent remote protocol. Because InterClient is written in
Java, developers can write database applications and applets without
regard to client hardware or operating system platform across the
Internet, on corporate Intranets, on local area networks, and on local

The changes and new features in this release include the following:

* Vastly improved performance -- up to 30x faster when storing and
   retrieving BLOBs
* Support for 20 international character sets -- including European,
   East Asian and Unicode FSS sets
* Resource bundles for easier localization

NOTE: The InterClient v1.5 software can only establish connections
to servers running InterBase 5 software. If you want to use InterClient
with InterBase 4.0 software, use InterClient 1.1 instead.

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