Can a Delphi Application Connect to an InterBase Database on Any Platform?

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Connecting to Interbase residing on different platforms from a Delphi App.

I want to develop a Delphi application using InterBase as a 
backend. I need it to be able to connect to an InterBase 
database on whatever operating system it happens to reside. 

The information in this article applies to:
* All InterBase Versions

Yes, this is possible with a Delphi application using either 
the BDE/SQL Links or ODBC. Depending on how transportable 
you want the application to be, you may need to programmatically 
make it possible for the user to set up their own datasources.

The InterBase client library will connect to an InterBase database
running on any supported platform.  Because the BDE/SQLLinks
driver uses the InterBase client, Delphi applications are able to 
connect to InterBase databases on any of the supported platforms.

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