INET error 10061 Connection refused

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: INET errors are TCP/IP error codes.

Received error 10061 connection refused

INET errors are TCP/IP error codes.  A listing of these types of error can 
be found in (winsock.h) for C/C++ or (winsock.pas) if using Pascal.  There 
are a variety of reasons why the system could return this message.  Listed 
below are some steps to discern what could be causing this error and how
to fix it.

Steps to resolve / things to check with regard to this issue:

1. If the server machine had local interbase on it before the server 
   version was installed, you may benefit by uninstalling local 
   interbase before attempting to install the server version of 
   interbase.  Users have reported difficulty when they did not 
   uninstall old versions of local interbase before installing 
   the server version.  If you have data in a database, please 
   back it up before doing the uninstall/reinstall process.

2. Verify the InterBase server is started on the machine that you 
   are trying to connect to.

3. Make sure that you have this entry in your services file on the 
   client and the server.
          gds_db                         3050/tcp

4. Another possibility is the licensing may be incorrect.  
   Make sure that you have the proper license string on the 
   server side for a server version of InterBase -- not local 

5. Make sure that you have the the servername and ip address 
    correct in the hosts file of the client.
6. Finally, double check the machine name and path in the 
    connect string on the client.

Server Response from: ETNASC04