GBAK and using the -g (garbage) collection switch

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: When using -g is good and when it is not good

Is gbak with -g(arbage) in use a bad thing?

It depends, by using it you are telling gbak to NOT clean up the 
back record versions in the database.

If you would like gbak to run faster and do less cleanup for you - it is a 
good thing.

If you are not sweeping the db on a regular basis and would like the best 
perfomance from your db then the -g switch (which tells gbak to ignore 
back record versions, leaving them in the database - it is most likely a 
bad thing to use.

If you dont use a sweep interval or a scheduled sweep process I would 
not recommend using -g with gbak unless you want gbak to run a little 
faster and dont care if the database gets bloated with useless records.

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