Remote Interface not licensed

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: 6 different potental ways to get this error

When trying to make a connection to a remote server, the error returned 
on connect is "remote Interface not licensed".

The information in this article applies to:
  * InterBase v4.x
  * InterBase v5.x

Here is a list of possible causes of the error message:
1.  Customer is trying to make a remote connection with local InterBase 
     This error is returned when one has local InterBase and is trying to make 
     a remote connection to a remote server.  Local InterBase is not licensed 
     to make remote connections.  Thus the license file, ib_licen.dat, 
    doesn't contain the option "R".  Option "R" stands for Remote, which 
    allows access to an InterBase server containing a "S" option.  To 
    resolve this problem, you need to install an InterBase kit that allows
    for remote connections.

Note:  Make sure to uninstall local InterBase before installing the 
            new InterBase kit.

2. Customers can get this message if they have the wrong BDE version.
    If the BDE version that  the customer has is not for a client server version of the BDE , 
    they can get this  error message.  The customer must have a client/server version
    of the Borland tool they are using.  The client/server version of the BDE allows
    remote connections to an InterBase database.

3.  If an old copy of BDE was not uninstalled before a new copy went on the 
     same computer,  the customer could get this error.  Make sure the customer 
     completely deletes the old BDE  files and registry keys prior to installing a new 
     version of the BDE. 

4.  Another possible cause is  the SQL Link for InterBase driver is not 
     on their computer.

5.   Customer could have a bad registry setting for BDE's DLLPATH.
           Check the 'DLLPATH' entry  under : 
           in the windows95 or NT registry.  This is the location the system thinks it should  look  
           for the BDE dll files.  Use the regedit or regedt32 program to look at the registry keys.

6. The  "R" option in license file has to be there.
    If the "R" option is not there, the user will get this error.  This is the remote access 

    InterBase has to have this in order to allow user to connect to a remote server.

Server Response from: ETNASC03