How to retrieve an InterBase Blob in Delphi using SavetoFile?

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Simple example using SavetoFile. While this example is designed for InterBase, it may be applied easily to any database.

This is an  example of how to retrieve an InterBase Blob in Delphi.

While this example was designed specifically for Interbase, it can easily be made to apply to any database.

IB V4.x
Delphi 3.0

There are several ways of retrieving InterBase Blob data within Delphi.
This example uses the SaveToFile method.  

*  Put TDatabase, TQuery, TDatasource and TDBGrid on the form.
*  set the Tdatabase's fields as follow:
	> Alias name to the BDE Alias.
	> DatabaseName to something you wish.
	> Connected to true
*  Set the TQuery fields as follow:
	>  SQL to the sql statement to be executed, ie select * from
	>  DatabaseName to the same name you've named in the
	   previouse step.
*  Set the TDatasource field DataSet to the name
   of the Tquery component. Default is query1.
*  Set the TDBGrid field DataSource to the name of
   the TDataSource component.  Defualt is Datasource1.
*  Go back to TQuery component and double click.
*  Right click on the blank space on the windows said
   "form1.query". And choose add fields.
*  Select all the fields in the list and added.
*  Drop a TButton on the form.
*  Double click on the Tbutton.
*  Add the following lines between begin and end;
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

Note:  image is the field name defined as blob.  
 And c:testimage.jpg is where the location of the
image file to be created.

*  Save the project/form/unit.  and Run.
*  Click on the Button will retrieve a blob entry and create file image.jpg.


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