Using GSEC from the command line on Windows

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Setting environmental variables isc_user and isc_password resolves the problem

GSEC.exe will not run from the command line.  It is giving the error:
  unable to open database
  your user name and password are not defined......

You must create the environment variables for the DOS session or the user/system so
that when a DOS session is started the variables are created by default.

  ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD must be set.

Use the "set" command in DOS to create the environment variables and assign values to them.
In your autoexec.bat place these set commands:

set isc_user= 
set isc_password = 

eg. to set your username to 'sysdba' and your password to 'masterkey', you would type these 
commands in your autoexec.bat:
set isc_user= sysdba
set isc_password = masterkey

Using the set command at the DOS prompt only adds the DOS environment variable for that DOS 
session.  To make the environment variable occur every time, you should set the environment 
variable under the control panel.  Here are the steps to do this:

1.  Click the  "Start" button.
2.  Click Settings | Control panel.
3.  Click on system icon.
4.  Click on "environment" tab.
5.  Click your mouse in the 'System variables" section.
6.  Enter values for isc_user and isc_password variables.

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