Using Procedure Call in ODBC Generates a Syntax Error

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Bug in ODBC driver

Trying to execute a stored procedure through the ODBC driver generates:

ODBC error: [Visigenic][ODBC InterBase 4.1 Driver]
Syntax error or access violation. 

IB V4.x
visigenic InterBase ODBC driver v1.00.0809

This was a bug in version 1.00.0809 of the ODBC driver. The
solution is to upgrade to version 1.00.0813 or later.  Contact
InterBase Technical Support for the ODBC driver upgrade.

In the interim, you can use a different technique to call the

select * from procedure_name

(presuming this is a select procedure)

Server Response from: ETNASC03