How To set up TeamSource™ To manage a project in Borland C++ Builder 5 Enterprise

By: Nate Lieby

Abstract: This TI walks a user through the steps of creating a source manager through TeamSource in C++ Builder 5 Enterprise

How do I set up TeamSource to maintain a project?

After installing TeamSource from the C++ Builder 5 Enterprise Edition CD, a "Team Source" menu item will appear on the C++Builder "tools" menu.

Selecting Tools->TeamSource will launch TeamSource and you will be prompted for your full name, and e-mail address. Fill out this information and press the Finish button. This configures your TeamSource profile.

Select File->New, then Select "Create New Project from Scratch". Enter the project's name, file name, and version controller, then hit next.

Enter the location where the swap folder should be placed and hit next. If you're happy with the default locations for archives, history, and locks, hit next, otherwise, change them to your preference, then click Next.

If you would like TeamSource to maintain a set or mirror sources, representing the current state of the project, check "Enable Mirror Tree" and enter the path for the location, then click Next.

The next step configures publishing options. Set the master summary and log files, along with Your SMTP server (you can leave you SMTP blank if you wish). Click Next.

Enter the e-mail addresses of the people who you would like to publish Summaries, Log files, and file changes to. Click Next.

Verify your information and click Finish.

TeamSource will now prompt you to enter a local path to save your project to. Click Yes. The Edit Directory List will appear. Click Add. If you know the directory you wish to add, type it in or hit the ellipsis ("...") button to select the directory from a tree. If you already have your project started, select the directory that it in. Click OK to close the dialog.

TeamSource will ask you if you would like to use the exitsting project in the directory. Click Ok.

TeamSource is now set up to manage your project.

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