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Abstract: CIS 246: Advanced C Using C++

CIS 246
Advanced C using C++
Spring 1998 S

    Hui-Liang Low


    Office Hours:
    Will be announced and also will be posted on my office window

    Office Phone:
    (815)729-9020 ext. 2441

    Course Prerequisites:
    CIS 236 or equivalent or consent of department.

    Course (catalog) description:
    This course deals with Advanced C programming concepts utilizing C++ and object oriented programming concepts. The coverage of C++ includes objects, classes, polymorphism, inheritance, Windows-developed tools, Turbo Vision, and more. The course content will follow ANSI C recommendations.

    Required Textbook:
    Learning C++ (A Hands-On Approach), Second Edition, by Eric Nagler.

    Course Objectives:

      1. The student will understand and use Borland C++ compiler, C++ IDE, IDE Debugger, and also C++ command line compiler.

      2. The student will be introduced to the shifting from C language to C++ language.

      3. The student will write programs with default function arguments and also using dynamic memory allocation.

      4. The student will learn the concept of classes and object-oriented programming.

      5. The student will explore the the constructor, destructor, and this pointer of a class.

      6. The student will use function overloading in the programming projects.

      7. The student will be introduced to the concept of inheritance and polymorphism.

      8. The student will utilize the input and output stream in the object-oriented programming.

      9. The student will modify and simplify projects with operator overloading.

      10. The student will learn how to use the type conversions with classes.

    Attendance Policy:
    Attendance and participation in class discussions will comprise a portion of each student's final course grade. This being the case, it is very important that the student makes a concerted effort to come to class, on time, and be prepared to participate in the class discussions.

    Make-Up Policy:
    If you must miss an examination, you should discuss it with your instructor prior to the absence and arrange for a make-up examination

    Withdrawal/Drop Policy:
    "At any time prior to the deadline dates established, an instructor may withdraw a student from class because of poor attendance, poor academic performance, inappropriate academic behavior such as, but not limited to cheating or plagiarism, disregard for safety rules, or for improper conduct." College Catalog

    Last Day to Withdraw:
    April 21, 1998

    Grading policy:

      Grading will be based on: Points
      1. Three Tests (100 points each) 35%
      2. Comprehensive final examination 25%
      3. Project and Programming Assignments 35%
      4. Attendance/Participation 5%
      Total: 100%

    A = 90 - 100%  B = 80 - 89%  C = 70 - 79%  D = 60 - 69%  F = 59% and below

    Computer Lab Hours:

    • Main Campus 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. Monday - Friday
    • 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday
    • 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday

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