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Abstract: MAT 510: Numerical Methods

Wayne State University

Syllabus for:
Numerical Methods
MAT 510, Fall 1997

    Instructor: Professor D. Drucker
    Office: 1173 Faculty Administration Building
    Phone: 313-577-3189
    Fax: 313-577-7596

    Course Objectives: To learn a variety of numerical methods commonly employed by applied mathematicians.

    Course Description: Numerical errors, interpolation, approximation, numerical differentiation and integration, matrices and systems of linear equations, and solutions of nonlinear equations. Other topics may include accelerated convergence, CORDIC (the set of algorithms used in pocket calculators), and initial value problems (numerical solution of differential equations). Students will use the array-based software package MatLab® not only to extend their calculational capabilities, but also to explore new concepts and to interpret results both numerically and graphically. Students may also use the programming languages Basic, C, Pascal, or Fortran to create their own toolboxes.

    Prerequisites: MAT 203, 225, and CSC 102, or familiarity with a programming language.

    Software Used to Support Class

    • MatLab 4.2c.1 (Mathworks)
    • Fortran (Microsoft(r))
    • C++ 5.01 (Borland(r))
    • Delphi 2.0 (Borland(r))
    • Microsoft(r) Windows 95

    Detailed information about the 31 State Hall Lab and the hours it is available for drop-in use is contained in the Computer Lab Home Page

    Required Textbook:

    • Charles F. Van Loan, Introduction to Scientific Computing: A Matrix-Vector Approach Using MATLAB, Prentice Hall, 1997.

    Projects and Assignments
    Given in class during the semester.

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