Course Outline: AK, University of Alaska at Anchorage

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Abstract: CS 109: Delphi Programming

University of Alaska at Anchorage
Delphi Programming
Course Syllabus

Instructor: Scott Kraxberger

Office: Room 107B, office hours posted

Phone: 262-0354

Semester: Spring 1997

Course Description: (from catalog)

Problem analysis and solution using the Delphi (Visual Object Pascal) programming language.

Course Goals:

To introduce the fundamentals of software development with a visual development environment. Students will be introduced to programming in Object Pascal, object-oriented methods and the use of modern graphical tools for user interface design.

Student Evaluation:


Test/Quizzes - 50% of total grade
Homework and Programming - 40% of total grade
Class Participation - 05% of total grade

Grading Scale:

A = 93 - 100
B = 82 - 92.9
C = 70 - 81.9
D = 60 - 69.9
F = 0 - 59.9

Make-up Exams:

All makeup exams are at the discretion of the instructor. Barring emergency situations (defined by instructor), students must obtain permission prior to the missed exam. Note: all makeup exams must be completed between the following dates - (4/28/97 - 5/2/97).

Late Work:

In most cases, homework can be turned in late for partial credit. Check with instructor for details.

Required Text:

Beginning Delphi, Wright

Course Prerequisites

Previous high-level programming course. CS 103, CS 107 or equivalent.

CS 109 / Delphi Programming / Weekly Schedule

13-Jan 15-Jan Course & lab introduction, Delphi user interface, event driven and visual programming Delphi components and the Visual Component Library (VCL), using container components - group boxes Intro, Chap 1, p. 1-34 Chap 2, p. 35-57
20-Jan 22-Jan No Class, U.A.A. Civil Rights Day Components cont'd, Delphi source code organization, data types *** Chap 2, p. 57-70, Chap 4, p. 71-95
27-Jan 29-Jan Pascal fundamentals (in context of Delphi), identifier scope rules Looping constructs, arrays, strings Chap 3, p. 95-113 Chap 4, p. 114-142
3-Feb 5-Feb Delphi and Pascal Review Intro to object oriented programming, Object Pascal fundamentals, records, object classes *** Chap 5, p. 143-161
10-Feb 12-Feb Object Pascal cont'd, Exam review Exam 1 Chap 5, p. 162-181 ***
17-Feb 19-Feb Discuss Exam 1, Delphi graphics intro, graphics components Graphics cont'd, program debugging intro and the Delphi integrated debug functions Chap 6, p. 182-212 Chap 7, p. 214-245
24-Feb 26-Feb Debugging topics cont'd, semester programming project assigned Menus, toolbars, common dialog components *** Chap 8, p. 246-266
3-Mar 5-Mar Chap 8 cont'd, MDI interface Topic review Chap 8, p. 267-285 ***
10-Mar 12-Mar Exam 2 Discuss Exam 2, Delphi database intro *** Chap 9, p. 286-315
17-Mar 19-Mar Database fundamentals, cont'd Database programming, intro to Structured Query Language (SQL) *** Chap 10, p. 317-348
24-Mar 26-Mar No Class, Spring Break No Class *** ***
31-Mar 2-Apr Database programming, cont'd Database review *** ***
7-Apr 9-Apr MS-Windows Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) intro, client functions OLD, cont'd, server functions Chap 10, p. 349-371 Chap 10, p. 372-377
14-Apr 16-Apr OLE Review Using operating system services - the MS-Windows application programming interface (API) *** Chap 11, p. 378-398
21-Apr 23-Apr API calls, cont'd Misc topics, project presentations *** ***
28-Apr 30-Apr Projects, cont'd Exam Review *** ***
5-May *** Exam 3 *** *** ***

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