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Abstract: CS 219 Section 2812: Intermediate PASCAL

Montgomery College - Takoma Park Campus

CS 219 Section 2812

Intermediate PASCAL

Professor Brounstein

Wednesday 6:30-9:10PM

Place: ISP 101C

Fall, 1996

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn concepts of object­oriented programming
  2. Learn key elements of the Object Pascal language. including data structures, classes and objects, and their use in windows programming in a laboratory setting.
  3. Learn how to use the Delphi development environment, program flow control and selected advanced features.


  • CA 113 (Introduction to Windows), or equivalent experience with Windows
  • CS 140 Introduction to Pascal Programming

Course Description:
There is a strong trend among computer software manufacturers and user application development techniques. This course provides a basic and comprehensive examination of one of the leading programming tools inspiring this trend. Delphi is a powerful, revolutionary update of the popular Object Pascal programming language.

Course Materials:
Object­Oriented Programming in Pascal ­ A Graphical Approach,
Conner Publishing Co., Reading, MA, 1995 (ISBN: 0­201­62883­X)

Developing with Delphi ­ Object Oriented Techniques, Weber, Ford and Weber,
Prentice­Hall PTR Publishing, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1996 (ISBN: 0­13­378118­6)

Students should purchase at least two 3 1/2 inch high density diskettes for use in projects.

Course Grade:
Midterm exam (30%), Final exam (30%), Projects (30%), Class participation (10%)

Projects are due on the date indicated in the syllabus. Projects submitted late will receive a 10% penalty for each class meeting missed.

Office Hours:
My office is in room 202 OSP (adjoining the computer lab), phone no. 650 1456. My office hours are 9:00-11:50 AM on Mondays.

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