You might be a programmer if...

By: Clay Shannon

Abstract: Politically incorrect views on programmers by a programmer.

By Clay Shannon

You might be a programmer if...

...when you see a penguin, it makes you think of Linux.

...your computer has more megabytes of RAM than your car has horsepower. 

...when you hear the term "Evil Empire," you don't think of geopolitics, but of Microsoft. select a house or apartment by evaluating the wiring. have a LAN in your room. like the sound of modems when they're handshaking. don't think wearing tennis shoes with a suit is strange. own more than 50 T-shirts, but can't remember the last time you actually paid for one. understood the InterBase T-shirt.'re the highest-paid but worst-dressed person in the office. get involved in heated conversations on newsgroups concerning things that normal people have never even heard of.'ve spent more time in front of a computer screen than a television screen. 

...your PC's monitor is bigger than your television screen. 

...when watching movies that show computers, you can not only tell which operating system is being used, but you also know what development tool was likely used to create the application. know where Scotts Valley is. know that it wasn't named after Scott McNealy. know who Scott McNealy is. keep in touch with dozens of people, but have not sent a personal letter via the post office in years. 

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