Many links to information and resources for XML

By: John Kaster

Abstract: This is a compiled (currently uncategorized) list of XML-related links John K has gathered

XML-Related web links

Here's a link list I've gathered on XML from the newsgroups, friends, and our R&D people working on XML. I will hopefully have the time to get it more organized by category shortly.

Annotated XML Specification
Excellent, annotated, very organized description of XML
Apache XML Project
Java, C++ and Perl DOM implementations Home
Delphi DOM Components and XML Editor
Delphizine - SAX for Delphi Article
Delphi implementation of a SAX parser XML Parser
Delphi based XML Parser
DTDGenerator Frontend
Online DTD Generator
Free XML tools and software
Links to many XML related sites
Lots of XML resources
XML Introduction from IBM
IBM's tutorial on XML
Icon Information Systems
XML Editor
Interati - Home
XML Editor Toolkit (debit)
Megginson Technologies (SAX)
SAX Spec and links from the Author
MSDN Web Workshop - XML
A Guide to XML and Its Technologies
MSDN XML Developer Center
Microsoft's homepage for XML technology
MSDN XML Developers Guide
Good starting point for doing XML development with MSXML
Microsoft's Software Development Kit for XML
Open XML
Delphi based DOM Components
Styling for XML and HTML
Good Basic XML Tutorial XML Data Binding
Document describing XML Data Binding
The SGML Centre
Markup Language Specialists (XML Intro)
The XML Cover Pages
A Huge list of XML links and derived technologies
Vivid Creations
MS Compatible ActiveX DOM and SAX parsers
W3C - XML DOM Homepage
Standards Information
W3C - XML Home
XML Homepage
Frequently Asked Questions about XML
WDVL: XML: Extensible Markup Language
Various XML Resources
Web Workshop - XML Code Generator
VB XML Data Binding example
XML Authority
XML Schema Tool
XML Schema Part 0: Primer
XML Schema Working Draft
XML Links, by Adam Rifkin and Rohit Khare
XML Resource Links
XML Namespaces
Excellent explanation of XML namespaces
XML Schema Checking Service (ALPHA TEST) XML
Online XML Schema validator
XML, Java, and the future of the Web
Older article from Jon Bosak of Sun - Describing your Data: DTDs and XML Schemas
Article which compares DTD's and XML Schemas - XML Namespaces by Example
Another article describing XML namespaces
XML.ORG - The XML Industry Portal, hosted by OASIS
Various XML resources
High level Delphi XML components
xmle: XML Editor for developers
XML Editor and other utilities
XMLWorks - XML Generation and Parsing for Delphi
Delphi based XML components

Got any more?

If so, just add a comment to this article with additional XML links. I'll be adding some SOAP links as soon as I get a chance.

John Kaster, Inprise/Borland Developer Relations

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