Why can't I print the output of the program I've written?

By: Christopher Moeller

Abstract: Printing program text output.

If you have written a program that is running in DOS or in a console box, and are having problems printing your output generated by the program, please consider the following.

Printing the output of a program is not a part of the functionality of the compiler;  rather, the ability to print in these circumstances rests on the operating system, which receives the data from the program.  Windows 95/98/NT do not support this in a straightforward way, but the following are some suggestions for working around this issue:

  1.  Use the mouse to highlight text in your output screen, hit Ctrl-c to copy it, open Notepad, and then hit Ctrl-v to paste it in as text.  Then use the Print option in Notepad to print the output.

  2. Hit Ctrl-PrintScreen, open Paint and hit Ctrl-v to paste it in as a bitmap.  Then use the Print option in Paint to print the image.

  3.  Instead of having your progam send output to the screen, try sending the output to a file, and then print the file.

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