Delphi 2 - Delphi and Corporate Return on Investment

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Abstract: The following pages detail Delphi's outstanding capabilities as a high performance software development tool, along with the ROI contributions that accrue to companies when they deploy Delphi applications.

Delphi Client/Server Suite 2.0 for Windows 95 and NT
Delphi and Corporate Return on Investment

Delphi: A Tool for Improving Return on Investment

"Borland's Delphi 2.0 raises the bar for corporate application development tools through its useable object-oriented benefits such as visual form inheritance and reusable components, its native compiler, support for OCX and OLE, and the Database Explorer. Delphi's technology benefits should enable corporations to achieve greater returns on their investments in application development."
-David Kelly, Director, Applications Development Service
Hurwitz Consulting Group, Inc.

"The most exciting new programming tool of the year. Borland International's Delphi for Windows combines the intuitive ease of a visual programming tool with the power of a true compiler."
-PC Magazine, January 9, 1996

Delphi: A Tool for Improving Return on Investment
Since its initial release in February, 1995, Borland's Delphi, a high performance, rapid application software development tool, has been enthusiastically adopted by Windows desktop and client/ server developers all over the world. Large corporate and government customers who are launching Delphi applications in increasing numbers include: Alcatel, American Cyanamid, Arthur Andersen, Bank of America, BBC Television, BMW, BP Shipping, British Telecom, Cadillac, City of Los Angeles, City of New York, Compaq, Conoco, DHL, Fiat, First National Bank of Chicago, KPMG, MCI Telecom, Mercury Communications, Sara Lee Knit Products, Swissbank SG Warburg, Union Bank, the US Marine Corps, and many others.

"Delphi users are the fastest growing developer group in the market today. Borland has made a significant contribution to the industry by raising standards of performance for rapid application development tools; as a result, companies will be able to put more powerful applications in place sooner, and see the results in their bottom lines."
-Mark Allen Hanner, Program Director of Application
Development Strategies, META Group

Today, a significant business-opportunity window can open and close in less than the time needed just to define a new application in the traditional way. No longer can years be devoted to developing and refining an application. The companies that are able to exploit opportunities for maximum return on investment will be those that can develop applications that respond to the speed of business. Delphi equips companies with the powerful development tool they need to produce robust, flexible, software applications, and do it fast.

The following pages detail Delphi's outstanding capabilities as a high performance software development tool, along with the ROI contributions that accrue to companies when they deploy Delphi applications.

"Aberdeen believes that Borland's technology is highly competitive, reliable, and has a solid future in the client-centric CADE market. IS technology buyers should certainly bring Delphi 2.0 in-house for use in building competitive-advantage and highly customizable decision support/data analysis or intensive financial analysis client applications."
-Karen Moser
Aberdeen Group, Inc.

Fast performance
Borland's high-performance Delphi development tool has set a new standard in software application development. Its record-breaking performance results from

  • a powerful object-oriented architecture that provides code reuse
  • the world's fastest native-code compiler
  • unparalleled database access speed and scalability.

Whether applications require faster data entry cycles for transaction processing systems or faster query response for problem analysis or decision making, time is a critical element in today's business environment. The business that can get the job done first has a strong competitive edge.

Compiled EXE files Delphi applications are delivered as compiled native-code EXE files that run up to 15 to 50 times faster than applications developed with p-code interpreters. Faster turnaround of data and reports results in happier users, who are able to make decisions more effectively.

Stable, scalable applications Not only do Delphi applications run faster, they are stable in the production environment. Because they run as compiled, native-code executable files, they won't bog down under production loads. And Delphi's scalability means that applications can readily accommodate increases in data volume and number of users without requiring changes in the code.

Delphi ROI Highlights

World's fastest compiler
  • Quick application turnaround
  • More robust applications with greater adaptability to users' needs
Fastest application performance
  • Compiled native-code EXEs run up to 15-50 times faster than interpreted p-code applications

"What made Delphi hot in 1995 will make it hotter in 1996. It manages to balance the flexibility and power of an object oriented programming language with the speed of a rapid application development tool, and it has strong database integration features."
-InfoWorld, January 1, 1996

RAD environment
Visual programming Delphi's powerful, point-and-click, object-oriented programming interface provides two-way tools that let developers switch effortlessly between visual design and the underlying source code. A comprehensive suite of visual design and debugging tools moves a project from prototyping to deployment in the most efficient way possible.

Ready-to-use components Delphi delivers to developers more than a hundred ready-to-use components. Its open, object-oriented architecture means that existing components developed in house or by third-party vendors-even components developed with other Windows tools-can be used in Delphi applications. The result is maximum reusability of existing bodies of work and preservation of existing investments.

Visual form inheritance Delphi components can be reused-as is, or customized via inheritance. Not only can existing forms be reused and modified, but changes made in the original form can be automatically carried to the inherited forms.

Short learning curve The time required to learn Delphi is much less than other development tools. Developers often report that they have been able to jump right in and create functioning applications without formal training-just a few hours of familiarization. This is because the IDE is intuitive and because applications can be tackled in pieces.

Delphi ROI Highlights

RAD environment
  • Easiest tool to use
  • Fastest tool for prototyping
Reusable components
  • Shorten development time
  • Tested and debugged components provide a foundation for easily-maintained code
Open architecture
  • Outside components (DLLs, OCXs, etc.) incorporated as Delphi objects
  • Open integration with third-party tools for CASE tools, OLAP, and testing, customizes the work environment and makes developers more productive

"Delphi 2.0 is a great leap forward…the tool of choice for rapid 32-bit applications development."

-Windows Magazine, March 1996

Reusable components
Application maintainability Because Delphi components can be reused and customized via inheritance, developers continually leverage their own bodies of work for maximum effectiveness. Maintainability is enhanced because components are developed once, and debugged once. Reusing existing components increases the reliability of applications, enabling development teams to create more applications, more quickly. As business needs change, reusable components help to alleviate the need for new applications.

Team development An extremely important benefit results as IS departments reuse Delphi components across many applications. A complete suite of tools such as version control and an object repository help manage the objects and enhance team development. As Delphi teams build more projects and accumulate a reusable component inventory, new projects are completed even faster, and productivity grows exponentially. The chart below graphically illustrates the increasing productivity of Delphi developer teams as the repository of available components grows.

Component reuse promotes exponential productivity growth over time.

Delphi ROI Highlights

Full suite of tools for client/server development
  • Takes development from application building through deployment in a single environment
  • Addresses design, code, test, and distribution in one integrated package
Team development
  • Facilitated by component shareability and reusability, and by source code management with PVCS

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